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Renown Entertainment is a privately held company formed in late 2009 to create fun, profitable, highly polished games of exceptional value and social relevance. We believe that quality is the best business plan and develop our games with the artisan method, publishing only when they're ready.


The leadership team is an alchemy of creative vision, technical execution, and business acumen. With more than 30 combined years of experience in the Video Games and Film industries, contributions to over 20 multi-million AAA game titles sold*, and a specially selected team, Renown Entertainment kicks off new methods of game devleopment for the rapidly evolving industry.

Meet The Team

*Some of the following multi-million and platinum selling titles our team has shipped include:
Dead Rising 2, Prototype, Crash of the Titans, Need for Speed: SHIFT, Skate, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and NBA Live


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